The making of the cover for Röda dagars hämnd

Earlier this week the cover for Stefan Hagel’s third book, Röda dagars hämnd (freely translated: Red Days’ Revenge), was released so I thought I’d share how the book cover was created. Step 1: What does the author want? Stefan had…

Fantasy books for your Christmas!

(Please note: All books are in Swedish.)
x-mas-Portenx-mas-Fredens-prisx-mas-Rämnfödd från Undrentide

Flammor av vrede

Busy days for Stefan Hagel and Undrentide publishing!
Stefan was recently interviewed by P4 Väst and got a whole page to himself in Uddevalla 7 dagar among others. Well done!
Read more about Stefan’s own thoughts in his blog Verkligen


PortenIt is my great pleasure to present the book cover for Astrid Ahlberg’s Porten! (The Gate in English)
When Astrid first contacted me she gave me a very short description of the Gate. It was enough for my imagination to…

Flammor av vrede – work in progress

Flammor av vrede Some like it hot and if you do, then this might be a book for you! Because it is HOT, isn’t it?
Stefan Hagel’s second book in the series En saga om sorg is called Flammor av vrede and it…


Rämnfödd Just like with Fredens pris, Anna gave me a scene from her book to work with and it was a lot of fun to make the magical forest come to life. The front image is almost – almost –…

Mother of Dragons

Mother of DragonsThis is a picture of my best friend, Erika. She took a photo of herself in a pose she wanted to use for a future painting. I high-jacked the photo without her knowledge and turned it into this – and…


Seiren logoSeiren
A website + logotype I made for my friend Erika. She makes wonderful bracelets, necklaces, clothes and hats and… and… Well, so many awesome things you just have to take a look at. Welcome to the SilverSerpent network, Seiren!

Stefan Hagel signs Fred så gyllene!

Some advertising for Verkligen Stefan.…

Fredens pris

Book cover for Fredens pris (freely translated as Price of the Peace) by Anna Blixt, published by Undrentide. The cover is based on a scene within the book and the front images started out as a standalone illustration…