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Åcon I’ve been flirting shamelessly with science fiction this time! I’ve made a small graphic profile for the Åcon 6 website and am currently working on the front page of the program folder that will be used at Åcon 6. Åcon…

Meliora Medtech

Meliora Medtech Newly finished project for Meliora Medtech. Fresh, clean and crisp like the frost here up in the Nordic countries.
A modern WordPress theme that will adapt to your screen size. Optimized for smart phones and tablets as well as…


Seiren logoSeiren
A website + logotype I made for my friend Erika. She makes wonderful bracelets, necklaces, clothes and hats and… and… Well, so many awesome things you just have to take a look at. Welcome to the SilverSerpent network, Seiren!