Festival on Saturday and Sunday

F.R.A.M. I will be at Folkets hus from 11:00-17:00 on Saturday and Sunday, selling these newly printed goodies. (A small webshop is on the way.) Produkter

The making of the cover for Röda dagars hämnd

Earlier this week the cover for Stefan Hagel’s third book, Röda dagars hämnd (freely translated: Red Days’ Revenge), was released so I thought I’d share how the book cover was created. Step 1: What does the author want? Stefan had…


PortenIt is my great pleasure to present the book cover for Astrid Ahlberg’s Porten! (The Gate in English)
When Astrid first contacted me she gave me a very short description of the Gate. It was enough for my imagination to…

Flammor av vrede – work in progress

Flammor av vrede Some like it hot and if you do, then this might be a book for you! Because it is HOT, isn’t it?
Stefan Hagel’s second book in the series En saga om sorg is called Flammor av vrede and it…