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Festival on Saturday and Sunday

F.R.A.M. I will be at Folkets hus from 11:00-17:00 on Saturday and Sunday, selling these newly printed goodies. (A small webshop is on the way.) Produkter

The making of the cover for Röda dagars hämnd

Earlier this week the cover for Stefan Hagel’s third book, Röda dagars hämnd (freely translated: Red Days’ Revenge), was released so I thought I’d share how the book cover was created. Step 1: What does the author want? Stefan had…

Flammor av vrede

Busy days for Stefan Hagel and Undrentide publishing!
Stefan was recently interviewed by P4 Väst and got a whole page to himself in Uddevalla 7 dagar among others. Well done!
Read more about Stefan’s own thoughts in his blog Verkligen